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“Alison’s classes are in a league of their own.  Her sequences are intelligent and nestled within a long-term curriculum focused on alignment principles.  Her commitment to each student’s growth and safety is unparalleled.  Alison lives and breathes yoga, and her passion is contagious.  No matter how tired I arrive after a long day of work, I leave feeling great in body and soul.”
Silke Grenier
Class Style

I would describe my class style as “Hatha Flow“, which means that we’ll practice some flowing postures – like Sun Salutations – and also deep dive into alignment with longer holds and more precision. This combination of dynamic movement and static postures allows you to warm up, sync with your breath plus build strength and increase flexibility.

There is a strong emphasis on alignment and education which makes the practice more therapeutic and sustainable. New students learn how to practice intelligently and safely.  Seasoned practitioners receive vital information for breakthroughs, growth and depth.

Classes are engaging, invigorating and challenging without being a fast and furious “work-out” class. Instead, there is a focus on balance, integration, and opening which creates more agility, awareness and connection – inside and out.

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“I never envisioned yoga classes could be so creative and diverse.  This week and pretty much every other one I’ve attended has stretched into new territory and expanded both my physical and spiritual horizons. It occurs to me that every time I leave your class I have a smile on my face and feel good about life.  I’m so thankful I’ve experienced this yoga renaissance with you at the helm. You have touched my life in a profound manner.””
Greg C.